September bass will eat almost anything

With very little effort you, too can put some files bass fillets in the freezer this month.

Shorter days and cooler weather mean different things to different people. Deer hunters begin to sharpen knives and sight-in guns.  

Duck hunters patch waders and re-string decoys. Bird dogs get fidgety. And some of us do all the above, and more.  

It is that extra part I would like to discuss today. It is one more reason to love the fall of the year. That reason is big bass.

The month of September is special to both hunters and fishermen. For those of us who enjoy both, there just are not enough days in the month.  

Personally, I need to dove hunt, brush my duck blind, run my dogs, sight-in my deer guns and still find time to work and be with my kids. Thirty days just is not sufficient.

Even if I can only afford to give one day, or even a part of a day to bass fishing in the fall, it is worth it. Regardless of what you catch, a mess of fish fillets is a great way to switch seasons.  

If you get real lucky, you may even have enough to freeze for a mid-winter fish fry.

Finding and catching September bass is usually no great task. Here are a few suggestions, however, that may land you more big fish this fall. First, let’s look at habitat.

In the fall, as the days shorten, the feeding periods for all fish are lengthened. Bass will congregate around structures, such as root wads or downed treetops.  

As photoperiod decreases, so does surface vegetation. This means that solid cover will now hold more fish than it did in mid-summer.  

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