Self-proclaimed ‘fish whisperer’ doesn’t eat fish?

I have never been to a really big lake, just smaller ones. Most of my “water” experience is in rivers or small creeks or streams.

Recently my husband and I, along with his family, took a weekend trip to Trout Lake Hollow in Hollister, Mo., right past the Branson Landing. 

We stayed in a condo with two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a back porch. It was super nice and right on the lake. When you walk onto the back porch, the water and the docks were right there.

The water was more or less a river, though, in my opinion. When I think of a lake, I imagine it being super wide and this wasn’t as wide as I thought it would be. But that’s okay!

We spent the whole day fishing. Joseph bought me an awesome fishing pole and I sat on the dock with my fishing pole, reading a book and catching fish. I caught eight fish by the end of the day and I didn’t move from my post at all.

Several of our family members were on the boat or farther down the dock but no one had caught as many fish as I was pulling in (until around 11 p.m. that is).

I started referring myself to the “fish whisperer” and will continue to call myself that. I think it’s a huge possibility that the fish knew that I don’t eat fish and would just throw them all back.

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