RV park selling riverfront property

Current River RV Park in Van Buren, Mo., is offering everyone the opportunity to own riverfront property right on the Current River. 

Mike and Brenda May, owners of Current River RV Park, have decided to start selling their RV camping sites and have plans to turn the park into a gated community. 

“We are currently in the third year of selling lots, and have sold 10 or 11 lots already,” said Brenda. “We have about 90 left to sell, and we offer many different-sized sites.”

The price of the sites range from $30,000-$50,000 depending on the size of the site. 

The Mays have tried to keep each site as close to its natural state as possible, so some sites are bigger than others in the way they are shaped.

“Our prices are priced appropriately seeing as we are the only location that has a full legal sewer system on the Current River,” said Brenda. 

“We are the only ones pumped in with the city sewer system and soon that will become a big deal,” said Mike. 

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People who purchase sites will have full deeded ownership to put whatever camper, RV, or tents on it that they would like. 

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