RV makeover is a lot of work, but so worth it!

During the past two years RV sales have soared. The record-setting sales numbers are attributed to the fact many people feel this is a great way to travel safely during the pandemic. 

I have to admit that I joined the flock and made such a purchase, but not because of COVID. 

My mission was to have something on wheels for my river lot in the Ozarks that can be moved in the event of high water. 

I also didn’t want to mess with a tent now that I am creeping even closer to the age of 50 every time I go down there. 

I certainly didn’t want to deal with building a cabin that could end up flooding if Mother Nature decides excessive rain is on the agenda. 

A used 2011 Forest River V-Cross on Facebook Marketplace caught my eye. Once I made the initial inquiry, I realized that the sellers were related to several folks I know. 

The more we talked, the more we realized how connected we are. We attended the same university and have shared many mutual friends over the years. 

While we could not be 100 percent certain, I am pretty sure that we crossed paths at wedding receptions, college parties, and other events over the years. It was nice having that level of trust while making this purchase. 

The layout of the camper was exactly what I was looking for so that my daughter and I could have our separate zones. Also, the camper’s condition was amazing. It sure didn’t look like it was almost 10 years old! 

The owners were so helpful and kind throughout the process. They even delivered it to my river lot, which was not exactly close to their home.

I named my new-to-me camper Regina after the character Regina George, from the movie “Mean Girls.” However, being the person I am, there were things that just didn’t work for me when it came to Regina’s internal appearance. 

Why on earth RV manufacturers think brown on brown on brown is a great aesthetic is beyond me. Simply put, Regina needed a makeover! 

I started by stripping the brown floral wallpaper border and removing the heavy brown window treatments. I used Kilz primer to cover the brown walls. 

My original intention was to paint over the primer with a pale blue, but as it dried I fell in love with the way it looked as-is. 

Also, since I am one of the least flexible people on the planet, cramming my body into tight spaces in odd positions to paint over the Kilz was something I was not in the mood for. 

Even though Regina doesn’t move very often, I knew from my research that any wall treatments beyond paint need to be lightweight so when it is time to put her in storage or move her to higher ground, there are no major issues with towing. 

That is why when I redid the kitchen, I used Tic Tac Tiles. They look like white tiles, but really they are lightweight plastic stickers. 

I also used chalkboard paint, washi tape, and various outdoor-themed stickers from cool shops like Keep Nature Wild to create a fun area for us to doodle on. 

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Another unique part of the kitchen area is a wooden stove topper that my Pop custom-made. It creates extra counter space. 

The kitchen area had a dining room table and seats that didn’t really work for my daughter and I. I bought lightweight foam upholstery and covered it in solid, thick fabric from a blackout curtain. 

I also covered some of the existing cushions with that same solid fabric. They originally had brown floral fabric that matched the original wallpaper border. Ultimately, this led to a cozy day bed that we use often!

Behind the existing couch, I used Woody Walls peel and stick panels in white to provide texture. I also used a lightweight white trim around it for a more finished look.

Lastly, I hung a beautiful flower and butterfly print that I found when I was sorting my father’s things after he passed. It was something he had saved and kept in good shape.

It reminds me of all the flowers in bloom that attract butterflies on the river lot. It’s a view that he, and now I, certainly enjoy being around.

My bedroom area was a bit of a journey. The standard RV mattress did not cut it for me until I got a four-inch memory foam topper. I mean, if you are going to be glamping, then why not go all out, right? 

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