Rivers flood to a record not seen since 1904

The Eleven Point River is considered the purest river in Missouri. It has 30 springs flowing into it and is classified as a scenic riverway.

There are 44.3 miles of the river that can be floated in Missouri until the rest of it flows into Arkansas.  

With any river, stream, creek or low-water crossing, when the area receives a lot of rainfall in a short amount of time, especially on already saturated ground, it overflows.

There is flash flooding, which is an immediate threat especially to low-water areas. Then, areas can get into flood warnings, which effect rivers, creeks and streams.

The last week in April, this occurred. We received enough rainfall for flash flooding, but also flood warnings. Several creeks, streams, rivers and low-water crossings flooded.

The Black River, the Jacks Fork River, the Current River, the Eleven Point River and the Norfolk River all flooded to a record not seen since 1904.

The wheel at Turner Mill North was moved back a little bit by the water.

The towns of Van Buren and Thomasville were heavily damaged. West Plains was also flooded in areas of the city.

Major highways like 63, 60, 142, 160, 99 and 19 were closed down for a period of time due to water over the roadway. The water got up to about 58 feet in Van Buren and came close to the bridge, within 8 feet.

The lower Current River in Doniphan had come over the bridge and flooded places there, too. The Eleven Point River came over the bridge at Highway 19. It reached heights up to 20-25 feet in all the river access areas.

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