Remember when…

5 years ago

• This is truly a remarkable fly that can be fished either dry or wet. I prefer to fish it dry and almost always do so, but I remember one morning in particular when I was having exceptional success while fishing it as a dry fly.  

I was tired and ready for breakfast so I began retrieving my line quickly, making the fly dip beneath the surface and while doing so a trout grabbed the fly and hooked itself. (Bill Oder)

• Not much bothers me more than sitting in my tree stand, bowhunting, and sweating. Perspiration is not only uncomfortable, but carries odors that deer can smell at some distance.  

For early October bowhunters it is just one of the little problems that must be tolerated. Another is, bugs. Early fall is prime time for hungry mosquitoes. 

Being buzzed, and not being able to swat, can drive an otherwise even-tempered archer into a frenzy of waving arms and four-letter words. 

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