Refuge part of MDC’s Peck Ranch Area to close temporarily

New born calf elk in Mo PenShut-down during elk calving period is annual occurrence.

VAN BUREN, Mo. – Ensuring the population stability of a popular wildlife resident is the primary reason behind the upcoming closure of the refuge area at the Missouri Department of Conservation’s (MDC) Peck Ranch Conservation Area.

Peck Ranch Area’s refuge will be closed April 1-July 1 to minimize stress and human interference during the elk calving period. Peck Ranch is home to 125 elk, the majority of which roam on Peck Ranch’s 11,500-acre refuge.

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Peck Ranch’s refuge will also be closed Oct. 10-11, Oct. 24-26, Nov. 14-24, and Dec. 5-6 to accommodate deer hunting opportunities during those time periods.

For more information, call the Peck Ranch Conservation Area at (573) 323-4249 or MDC’s Ozark Regional Office in West Plains at (417) 256-7161.

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