Is a teardrop trailer right for you?

Not a tent person? Like the idea of an RV, but don’t need all the extra room? Teardrop trailers are a solution to almost every issue when it comes to simplistic camping.

Dennis and Julie Ware, owners of New Aire Fireplace Systems in Carl Junction, Mo., recently started building teardrop trailers under the business name Center Creek Teardrops. 

“It all started when my brother saw a teardrop trailer and said that he had to have one,” said Dennis.

He said his brother wanted to build one, but wanted Dennis’s help to do so.

“I started doing some research, and about four years later I agreed to help him build one,” said Dennis.

Dennis bought the trailer to build the camper on at an auction and working with his brother, they finished the camper almost two years ago.

“We knew that someone in Kansas City was renting them out, so we crunched the numbers and found out that we could do it, too,” said Dennis.

Last summer, they had a few 4×8 and 5×9 campers available for rent and rented them out nine times.

“This is the perfect way to try out a teardrop trailer and learn what size and options you really want and need,” said Julie.

The Wares build their teardrop trailers to accommodate each person’s needs and what they want to use it for.

“We have some who want air conditioning and we have some that don’t. We also have some people that want space inside for a TV while some don’t. We are happy to do whatever they want,” said Julie.

There are three part-time employees that work on building the teardrop trailers. It takes about four to five weeks to build one trailer.

“We have to order the doors, trim, and the hardware for the trailer, but we get the wood locally,” said Dennis.

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