Reader Submitted Videos

Albert Hedges of Ozark, Mo., sent this video to us after he met an interesting little fella on his back porch. His kittens behind the glass doors leading out to his porch are mesmerized by the chaparral bird who is about to feast on a snake for lunch.

Another angle of the roadrunner discovered in the backyard of Albert Hedges, a Traveler reader from Ozark, Mo. This “pretty, little guy” seems to thoroughly enjoy the view and some alone time from the top of the back porch.

These playful cubs are enjoying the shade and the green grass on this sunny day in the backyard of Traveler reader Albert Hedges.

This mother’s job isn’t so easy when her cubs have this much energy! Nevertheless, they seem like one big, happy family enjoying their time together.

Another view of the fox family found by Albert Hedges. We can’t get enough of these little guys!