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Here is some information about the former Windy Lookout Tower, provided by Bob Frakes. Hufstedler’s Canoe made several canoe haulers from the steel from the Windy Lookout Tower that sat at the Bardley CCC camp at one time. One hauler sits behind the rental, no longer used, and the steel from the others was used by an individual in building construction. “Lindan Shann Caldwell is the fellow from Oregon County that sent me this picture,” said Frakes. “He is president of the Historical Society for Oregon County.” Here is also a picture of the tower footings from Lindan that remain today. “Windy Tower lives on, kinda,” said Frakes. “Former towers here and there is an interesting story.” Hufstedler’s is located at Riverton on the Eleven Point River. The business is cited in Alton, Mo.

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