And a vast cloud rolled across the whole of the countryside; darkening even the hilltops and enveloping the hollows. 

“Even the plains were obscured in this new climate of fear. Village by village; home by home the light of man was being extinguished. A light, once gone, would it ever again shine as brightly as it once had?”

Will this be the opening paragraph of mankind’s story, written only a couple of years from now? Or will it read more like the following:

“The year’s death total was not that much greater than previous ‘bad flue years.’ The new virus ended up being less than ten percent of that total.  

“Lasting effects include better practices of personal hygiene, that most health experts believe will end up saving lives in the long run.  

“Perhaps more importantly, families seem to be continuing the practices of eating together more often. Began after internet crashes, there is more reading.  

“And communities have continued their increased practices of caring for neighbors.”

We, the average American citizen, will decide. I am very proud of the efforts and actions of many. I am honored to be friends with people such as those in Shannon County that have been so busy through the Facebook medium.  

“See their page We Can Help–Shannon County (and surrounding areas). They are monitoring specific local shortages and targeting ways to address them.

There are those that are practicing the CDC suggested guidelines as to social distancing and cleaning surfaces communally utilized (door knobs, gas pump handles, store counters, etc.). 

Going out only as necessary and maintaining that comfortable physical distance from their fellow citizen of at least three to six feet.

During this medical crisis, there will still be between twenty and fifty thousand Americans die of the plain old-fashioned flue. 

Imagine if our media was covering that with the same sense of panic and urgency? Or all those dying from cancer? The victims of drunk-driving? Heart disease?

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