Public comment results & next steps for Crane Lake Dam Project

Progress continues on the Crane Lake High Hazard Dam Safety and Compliance Project with the closing of the official 30-day notice and comment period on Nov. 16.  

This public comment period was a formal step in the project planning process where the public was invited to review the draft environmental assessment to validate the analysis or to point out anything missing. 

Crane Lake is located in Ironton, Mo. 

A total of 18 official comments were received from the public, along with two Facebook comments.

“When analyzed, the comments brought up ideas and concerns that had been addressed in the draft environmental assessment; but, they served as good reminders about what the public finds important,” said Becky Ewing, district ranger for the Potosi/Fredericktown Ranger District.  

One commenter requested that native forbs be planted on disturbed areas. The planning team double-checked the environmental assessment and confirmed that native plantings were included in rehabilitation plans for any disturbed areas.  

Another comment identified that heavy equipment needed for either alternative could damage county infrastructure.  

Engineers and planning team members will meet with Iron County officials to identify preferred routes and road-stream crossings of concern prior to completion of contract specifications.

A third commenter offered suggestions for improving access to the lake by deepening shoreline areas and removing tree stumps.  

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Shoreline deepening on a large scale was not included in the proposed action because those areas, while hard to fish, are important for fish spawning and nursery areas.

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