The Elk Killings (by Rick Mansfield)


    On the morning of December 29, 2015; hunters discovered the carcass of a magnificent bull elk that had been killed in a national park near the Current River in the rural Ozarks. The crime was made even more heinous by the removal of the majestic antlers by chainsaw. Rick Mansfield, whose pictures were used to break the story, weaves a gripping tale of fiction around this gruesome act. The dangers as well as the rewards of the elk repatriation project are explored, amidst a series of seemingly connected crimes–the next more puzzling than the last. Join Christian outdoorsmen and farmer Park Ranger Mark Williams and lawyer/accountant and volunteer conservationist Rachel Hunt as they work together to unravel the web of degradation and murder that has invaded their normally serene community. A wonderful read just for pure enjoyment, this book serves as well as a wonderful platform for the discussion of the principles of fair chase as well as that of familial responsibility. This book should be in the homes of all who are involved in raising the next generation of men and women challenged with the stewardship of our great outdoors.

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