Ozark Sayings, Doings, and Just Plain Ol’ Ponderings (by Rick Mansfield)


    Ozark Sayings, Doings, and Just Plain Ol’ Ponderings is a delightful collection of phrases and events that have made the Ozark Plateau and the people that inhabit it such a delight to visit for generations. Long before Branson became the Midwest center of entertainment, these hill folk were both acknowledging and honoring life with colorful expressions and meaningful sayings. Everyday “doings” that originally helped too assure their survival became customs of celebration; challenges of survival lent themselves to mental and philosophical “ponderings.” I’ll Be Taking Your Shoes empowers us to deal with the tragedy of friends as individuals; as Four Dollar Pies reminds us of when neighborhoods and communities came together to do the same. Bring A Basket and Hunter’s Share define the voluntary re-distribution of bounty. These snapshots of times not yet gone but certainly dying provide the reader with examples of the opportunity and responsibility of being a citizen of this world, and how things did really work before we invited the government so deeply into our lives. Be Something and A Good Name inspire while Expected Better reminds. Some will be introduced to the idea of courtship dating in You May Now Kiss, of true commitment in My Head, My Heart, My Hands. You will be entertained and edified, encouraged and consoled. This is a wonderful reminder of what we can become as communities and a country. A great “read to” book for all with children and grandchildren. Come on inside and begin the journey!

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