D’ Ya Want a Possum? & Other Ozark Salutations (by Rick Mansfield)


    The magic and mystery of the Ozark people and their culture are beautifully captured in this collection of real life anecdotes. Readers may reflect on times gone by as they are reminded of incidents from their own pasts; be encouraged to explore time honored traditions that made these communities self-sufficient and strong. This book invites you on a wondrous journey as much as accompanies you into numerous intriguing destinations. Stories like Smokes Layin’ Low and Get Your Gig and Fiddle enable the reader to share in iconic sporting traditions of the hills, inviting them to listen to the baying of hounds on a trail and to partake in modern day “fire fishing” and the activities that accompany it. These celebrate what were once the source of wild game and remain respected pursuits that serve to keep a more modernized society still connected to the soil. We’re Hurtin’ Fer Ya and Pray God Smiles On You both spotlight the spiritual nature of these hill people while introducing the reader to traditions that, in many cases, have all but died out. The latter is the kind benediction bestowed upon a soon to be college student about to leave his home. The first tells of hand digging graves, a cathartic endeavor that is rapidly disappearing. The Ozark heart of hospitality is explored in Here’s Yer Coat and Hat and Come Sup with Us. The first gives a glimpse into balancing the requirements of hosting with the rigors of a strong work ethic; the second a look at the opportunities for visitors privileged to meet someone from the “old school.” In reference to a moral code that was entrenched in most Ozark homes and embedded in the very fiber of their people, the reader has Rather Owe It to You All My Life to reflect upon. For direction, there is Ya’r Missin’ Yer Mark which highlights the importance of setting specific goals. Love-n-Prayers along with Thank You guide us through the consideration of our emotions and our attempts at expressing them.

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