Bluegill Bridge (by Greg “Rudi” Rudroff)


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    Greg “Rudi” Rudroff has done it. He’s captured the Ozarks lifestyle within the pages you can hold in your hand. While a lifetime, or make that many lifetimes of stories have been pared down to nay some 200 pages, Rudroff did well to not water down or otherwise diminish the true scent of life in the hills we native Missourians call “mountains.”

    Bluegill Bridge contains a thorough sampling of everything Ozarks pond fishing, squirrel hunting, swimming in the creek, farm life and livestock, honoring your parents and eating good off the land. Most importantly, the author was true to his roots and lays out the facts combined with a pinch of possible fiction in places, let’s call it editorial liberties, in true “Show Me” fashion. While you can read and enjoy the stories contained in these pages in any setting, it is best taken while sitting on a porch swing, relaxing by a wood-burning fireplace or stove, or perched on a log with your shoes off and your bare toes dangling in a trickling Ozark stream. If you find yourself reading while confined in a city, dimly close your eyes for a minute or two every few pages and you’ll be transported to the place the writer obviously knows well and hopes to share with you, the reader.

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