A Paddler’s Guide to Missouri (by Oz Hawksley)


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    Canoeists, kayakers, floaters and others can discover Missouri rivers and streams with the help of the Missouri Department of Conservation’s (MDC) revised Paddler’s Guide to Missouri. The guide features 58 Missouri rivers and streams to canoe and kayak. One of the Department’s all-time bestselling books since its initial release in 1965, this publication has been Missouri’s go-to paddling resource ever since. Originally researched and written by Oz Hawksley, today, this greatly expanded reference book includes not only updated maps and details of Missouri’s more popular Ozark streams, but also lesser-known streams and tributaries throughout the state.

    Detailed sections include northern streams, the Missouri River, and more floats from all corners of the state. Each waterway includes easy-to-read maps, descriptions of access points, camping, state parks, and conservation areas along the way.

    The 9- by 11-inch book includes gorgeous color photos and has a lay-flat spiral binding. Put the book in a sealable clear bag and see the river map in its entirety without having to flip pages while on the river.

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    One thought on “ A Paddler’s Guide to Missouri (by Oz Hawksley)

    1. I really need to find this original publication. I see all the new, revised, improved… But a key feature of Oz Hawksley’s book/guide is that it actually floats! If it ends up in the river, it floats, and you can recover it.
      I am an old timer, and really need this guide, for a dear friend.

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