Plant a few trees for you & the bees

By Melinda Myers

Fall is a great time to add trees to your landscape. Not only do they provide shade, remove pollutants from the air, and help manage stormwater; but many also provide food for bees. 

Keep this in mind when selecting and planting new trees in your yard now and in the future.

Fruit trees are probably the first “bee” trees that come to mind. These spring flowering trees provide nectar and pollen many native bees, bumblebees and honeybees prefer.

They also provide food and habitat for songbirds and other wildlife and fruit for us to enjoy. 

Many are grown on dwarfing rootstocks, allowing small-space gardeners the opportunity to grow these in their gardens and containers. 

Just make sure the plants selected are hardy for your location and have the varieties needed for pollination and fruit formation to occur.

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