Our vests were getting heavy with cottontails

Mike Roux, Luke and Lance Terstriep proudly show why their vests got so heavy.

Well, it’s winter and the major hunting seasons have drawn to a close. The deer have

been butchered, the geese have been smoked and now it is time to turn our attention to another tasty winter distraction.

Hunting cottontails has been an American tradition as long as there has been an America.

Not only are rabbits outstanding table fare, but they are also a blast to hunt. No pun intended.

In medium to deep snow I love to track bunnies and take head shots with my .22 rifle. Because of their natural camouflage that is virtually impossible without snow.

It is times like these that, sans beagles, I join the thousands of hunters in the “Stomp, jump and shoot rabbit hunting club.”

Shotgunning for bunnies is about as much fun as you can have shooting at non-flying game targets. They are fast and can turn on a dime and give you change.

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