Osmer goes big


Illinois bowhunter John Osmer with his 2020 buck. What a happy hunter.

I have known John Osmer for many years. His talent for repairing rods and reels makes him a very handy man to have around.  

John is also a great bowhunter. In the disaster that was 2020, John Osmer found a way to bring some light into an otherwise dismal time.

Last year, on November 9th, despite the 75-degree temperature, Osmer ventured out to Cass County on an archery deer hunt. It was also very windy that day but we hunt when we can.  

As he climbed into his stand he was about 17 feet off the ground and it was still dark. He planned to sit there to see the sun rise… and set.

With the heat and wind this did not feel like a rut day to John. 

However, at first light a young buck passed behind him. This was encouraging. At least he saw some antlers.  

Even after seeing the young buck, Osmer questioned himself about staying in the stand and fighting the 20-25 mile-per-hour winds.

Memories of seeing bucks on windy days helped him stay put.

A couple of hours into the hunt John felt like he needed to make a slight adjustment. The deer should be coming down the trail into the wind. The wind was hitting him right in the face.  

He made some safety adjustments and then rotated his stand 180 degrees on the tree. Now, with the wind to his back, he could see deer coming.  

This was important because with the wind he knew that he would never hear them.

This was the first time in 12 years of bowhunting that he made such and “in hunt” move. It did not take long for Osmer to question this decision.  

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“Ok,” he thought. “This might work either way.”

Just before 11 a.m. John caught movement to his right. The buck was about 50-60 yards out and immediately John knew it was a shooter.  

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