Oregon Trail West of Casper, Wyoming

After traveling through the miles and miles of corn, hayfields, sorghum, maze and soybeans, along with livestock, I was in overload of how much agriculture there was. 

The US is surely the breadbasket of the world. I know there has to be other places that could be producing these commodities but there are hundreds and hundreds of miles and acres that are growing and producing so much. 

I also know that water is a great factor in all of these commodities.

The Platte River didn’t look all that viable as we headed west from near Casper, Wyoming. In Nebraska, the river seemed to be growing stronger the further west we drove. 

Now, it seems to me most rivers I have visited grow in volume the further downstream, but the Platte River is a sandy, muddy meandering bunch of creeks the further east downstream. What could be the difference in the Platte River from other rivers? 

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