On this date… April 2019

5 years ago 

• It’s April and the morels should be up. But I can’t find any. “Why does every spring have them before?” I thought to myself. 

“Why can’t Mother Nature make up her mind? A warm day into the 60’s followed by two cloudy days with temperatures hovering around 70 would make things a whole lot easier. That would make the morels pop!” 

Years ago, somebody told me that when the wild gobblers start dragging their wing feathers on the ground to make a drummer in a rock band proud, that the morels would stand up!

I’ve taken that advice a few times in past years and found enough morels for a meal. (Aaron Horrell)

• When I was a young teenager, my father and I hunted a local cattle farm in southern Missouri. For the previous three or four years I had hunted with my grandfather and this was one of the first times that my dad and I hunted turkeys together. 

My father, not having much turkey hunting experience, decided to tag along with me this particular spring morning. This hunt was another first for me. It was the first time I hunted with decoys. 

I brought along a hen and jake decoy to try to fool a big tom into coming into gun range. We arrived several minutes before sunrise and it wasn’t long before we heard our first gobble. 

We hiked across a wide-open cow pasture then set up along the edge of the woods. (Heath Wood) 

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