The internet is obstruent of important traditions

When I told my grandpa about this article, he claimed it didn’t make any sense and my brothers agreed. Allow me to explain.

All the elders learned survival techniques and tips from their fathers and grandfathers. Now that we have the Internet, everything is handed to us and they expect us to know all the things that are “no-brainers.”


When you take newbies hunting, you have to take everything you’ve already learned and pass it down to them. If you leave something important out, you are setting them up for danger.

I took my aunt hunting this past season and I learned the things that are “no-brainers” for me are not “no-brainers” for her. When we got to the base of the tree stand I made her unload her gun as I unloaded mine.

I didn’t think to tell her to check that her safety was on; I assumed she already knew. To me, the safety is the most common rule in the book. Her gun had been on fire the entire time we were walking through the woods and when I was pulling it up to the stand.

We miss important things to teach the new generation. As a 15-year-old, I can personally tell you I wished I knew half as much as my grandpa.

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