Oh, please let it be spring already!

As the steam pours off the south-facing roof on this sunny early March day at 11 Deg. F, I yearn to get out and do more outdoors. 

I don’t have cabin fever but I want so to be out in the woods doing things. As I have aged (not that I’m old), I prefer the warmer weather over the negative temperatures. 

Any temperature above 60 Deg. F is better. And I always wondered why Grandma was always cold.

Bob Brennecke

My comfort level has become more and more important to me as the seasons pass. I find it more comfortable sitting on a warm log with chiggers over a snowy steel tractor seat. 

I have become more and more anxious to get things accomplished and go places as the winter drags on. We are planning short trips soon to the south, and I am champing at the bit to get started. 
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The only thing that has slowed my progress is the single digit temps and the snow. I can’t wait to get my trailer out of its little tent and get it ready to get on the road.   

I know that the biggest difference between the two color whites is mainly the temperature, but I prefer the sand over snow.                    

Right before the last deep freeze the ground had a frozen crust and when you walked on it the crust would push into the mud underneath. 

A few days later the ground was like rock. Man, am I ready! 

(Bob Brennecke lives in Ballwin, Mo., and can be reached at robertbrennecke@hotmail.com.)

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