No more ‘who’

I run my dogs early every morning. Okay, for the benefit of the fact-checkers, they run and I walk.

We always go through some woods that I own, and we have been doing this for years. 

Over the past four or five years, while running the dogs in the woods, I would often hear a particular barred owl hooting somewhere overhead in the trees.   

Most barred owls hoot a familiar refrain: “Who, who, who cooks for you all?”

This barred owl, however, was different. His hoot consisted of only a simple “who.”

Evidently, he couldn’t care less who was doing your cooking. Maybe he delighted in pretending to be an intellectual by posing that eternal question — “who?” — to all his woodland friends, making them wonder about their own existence and how they fit into this universe.  

Or maybe not.   

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