National convention for trappers coming to Springfield

There are not many national conventions that are held in Missouri, and the National Conventions that are held in our beloved Ozarks are extremely rare.  

This July that will change.  

The Missouri Trappers Association, along with the Springfield Convention and Visitors Bureau, will host the 60th National Trappers Convention.

On July 11-13 the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds, located at 3001 North Grant Ave., Springfield, will be the focal point for thousands of visitors who are interested in trapping techniques, processing and selling furs, and handling and purchasing some of the latest equipment and supplies that are dedicated to this sport.  

The visitors will also be shown the latest conservation practices and the constant effort made by the trappers to protect forests, prairies and waters and all the wildlife that call those environments their home.

This is a family function where each member can join in the fun and camaraderie at the biggest trapping convention in the country. The event, and the local community, will have a lot to offer. 

The convention will have something in store for everyone, such as fun and games for the whole family, trapping instructions from the biggest names in the business and tons of vendors. 

Explore some of Springfield’s local attractions, such as the Bass Pro Shop’s headquarters, Fantastic Caverns, Route 66 Car Museum, and much more. There are numerous rivers and lakes for fishing, boating, swimming and just plain relaxing.

Bill Wakefield

The diversity of the 115-plus vendors is amazing. Buy a bear, fox or wolverine rug from Rugs by Nancy. One vendor sells fur hats. Do you need a boat motor that is designed to work in shallow water? If so, stop by the Mudd Hog Motor booth.

There are several vendors that have the latest in fishing tackle, baits and lures. Several artisans have booths to show off their work in woodcarving, paintings and other artistic works.
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Learn a new trade or hobby through the Hutton Valley School of Taxidermy.  

To go along with all of the vendors, exhibits, games, and contests are some excellent seminars and demonstrations presented by some of the national-known experts. Some of the seminars and demonstrations are open to members of the Trappers association only.  

For a list of the seminars, demonstrations and the presenters, plus a complete schedule of events, visit This website is full of valuable information. 

There is an admission fee to attend the convention. A one-day pass is $10, a three-day pass is $20, and children 12 and under are admitted free to the convention.

It is good to remember that the National Trappers Association is an organization of dedicated individuals who have joined together to promote and protect the appropriate conservative use of many of the fur-bearing species.

The NTA was established in 1959. For North America’s more than one-half million trappers, the purpose of trapping varies — from assisting wildlife biologists in furbearer studies, to population and disease control, protection against soil erosion, and for food, clothing, and income. 

Thanks to good management practices, fur-bearers are more numerous in North America today than 100 years ago. 

There is no trapping of endangered species and NTA continues to research and encourage the use of the most effective and humane trapping techniques. 

Trapping has been an integral part of American heritage and NTA members want to ensure that it continues to contribute to abundant wildlife and sound management programs.

(Bill Wakefield runs the Traveler’s St. Louis office and can be reached at

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