Most outsiders don’t know about this

The Sarcoxie Cave and Spring Preserve, in Sarcoxie, Missouri, has potential for being a checkmark as part of a larger nature day trip.

The cave itself is closed to public access due to the presence of the endangered Ozark cavefish and crayfish. 

Also in the cave spring system are endangered Arkansas darters and Grotto salamanders.

One cave survey went back 900 feet, in which there were only two places that an average-sized person could stand upright. 

The entrance was closed off twice with mud and rock debris in recent times, but was cleaned out by volunteers. 

A stainless steel gate keeps unauthorized visitors out to protect the endangered species habitat.

However, the site is also a three-acre public park, which includes a scenic bluff, the cave entrance, a running spring, a pond, and, I believe, a short walking trail, though I’m not sure how developed it is. 

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Also, more signage would be helpful, and all in all it could probably benefit from some focused upkeep. 

The way I look at it, though, is that right now it’s sort of a hidden spot, a place most outsiders don’t know about. I like places like that, don’t you?

As of right now I wouldn’t classify it as a stand-alone destination, but I think it could certainly be added as a stop on the way to or from another nature site.

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