Morel mushrooms — Mother Nature’s treat

Every spring while out turkey hunting, walking trails, or any other outdoor activity I always watch my surroundings in hopes of finding a group of morel mushrooms.

Sadly, I usually come home empty-handed. To make matters worse, I always see friends of mine who post pictures on social media of all the morels that they have found, which makes me wonder what I am doing wrong?

This spring I set out to better educate myself on how to find morels. I began asking friends, reading articles, and looking for them more, in hopes of changing my luck.

By doing this I have found that there are two basic things you need to know when finding morels, and that is timing and location.

First, timing is everything. Morels do not start to appear until the weather gets warm, which makes the ground temperature rise. This is when morels thrive. Once the ground temperature is ideal, you will begin finding morels.

When talking to folks who usually find several morels yearly, I have found that most of them say after a rain and the sun comes out and warms the ground again, they will usually go the next day and be successful.

Secondly, where to look for them. This is probably the most asked question among morel seekers. I have heard people say you will find them close to ash trees, cedar trees, and oak trees. I have also heard that you will find them on the slopes of hills, in shady areas, and close to a water source.

All of these can be argued as fact or myth. However, most of the people I have talked to say the same things. Which means it has to be true, right?

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