Missouri’s wonderful seasons

Osage orange

It doesn’t seem too long ago I was begging for spring. Well, summer was good (and warm!) and now we are getting into one of my favorite seasons. 

When I was quite a bit younger, like a long time ago, I didn’t like the fall season. It seemed to me that everything was dying and the only thing I had to look forward to was school and trees that looked dead. 

During this season of “my life,” I have changed my mind about fall. Not only are the colors changing, but the air is a bit more brisk and pushy, and the animals that stay around are getting ready for the winter. 

Mother Nature knows that animals will need to eat during the winter months so she provides food at the end of summer and fall to keep them going.

When I was going to school in Springfield we paid a few months’ rent with the abundance of fall. We collected hundreds of pounds of black walnuts and took them in for hulling and sale. 

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