Missouri’s red cedar trees popular with both animals & humans

In Missouri you will find a lot of different species of plants, shrubs and trees.  

One of these species is called the Eastern Red Cedar. It is from the family Cupressaceae (cypresses).  

Numerous members of the cypress family (often called junipers) are grown in Missouri as landscaping plants, also.  

Dana Sturgeon

The Juniperus virginiana (Eastern red cedar) are native to Missouri. Another native is the Ashe’s juniper (Juniperus ashei), which are found mostly in the northeastern portion of the state. 

The Eastern Eed Cedar is a small- to medium-sized tree (able to grow close to 50 feet in size), aromatic, evergreen, with a dense, pyramidal (sometimes cylindrical) crown.   

Leaves, usually at the end of twigs, are either scalelike or needlelike, olive green to yellowish-green, turning bronze after the first frost and staying somewhat reddish through winter.  

Bark is light reddish brown, shredding into long, thin, flat strips, with the trunk tapering toward the top and spreading at the base.  

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