Missouri is the best place to fish for stripers

To the Editor,

A striper fish was caught at Powersite Dam in Forsyth, Mo. The Missouri state record striper came out of Bull Shoals Lake.

Fishermen, if you like to fish for stripers, there is no better place in Missouri.

Bull Shoals not only has stripers but it has yellow ringtail perch that are already 10-12 inches and up to 3 pounds.

It has great walleye. If you want a trophy walleye, try the famous Barker Hole, located one mile from Forsyth. Putting in at River Run Park and going down stream, it’s also great for spotted largemouth and white bass.

The town of Forsyth has two motels from River Run going down Beaver Creek Marina, which is approximately four miles down from the town of Forsyth. That is where Beaver Creek connects to Bull Shoals Lake.

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Throwing stick baits into riffles, current fishing is better when they run water out of the dam.

For more information, I am a retired fishing guide. Call me at 417-581-7887.


James R. Forsythe,

Forsyth, Mo.

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