Minimalist camping


There are many theories and sides to the topic of camping. Many of us have been camping for years and I bet most of us have changed our attitude on camping every time we get home.

In Boy Scouts we have gone from a tent, dining fly and patrol box to carrying only what you needed into the wilderness for stealth camping.

We, as a family, went from camping out of a VW Beetle, sleeping on a gravel bar to a small camper we tow behind the car and we have had many steps and learning processes along the way.

I so enjoyed watching one of our older Scout leaders demonstrate what he carried into the woods in one backpack and explain why he needed each item.

The way he had everything packed, and even labeled, in different pouches or pockets throughout the backpack gave you a challenge to try the same thing.

I also enjoyed visiting a man and his wife in Dayton, Ohio, traveling from Arkansas to Pennsylvania in a homemade teardrop two-wheel camper being pulled by a Model “T” he refurbished himself. 

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