Many generations have enjoyed Missouri’s ‘Spook Light’

As the recipient of a good turn once done me regarding a local natural phenomenon, I recently had the opportunity to pass on the favor.

It was one year ago last October that Rebecca and Genevieve Williams took me to see the mysterious “Spooklight” near Hornet. Though I had been down that road many times in search of the light, I didn’t see it until Rebecca and Genevieve brought me there. Actually, I later realized that I probably had seen it before, I just didn’t know what I was looking at, since it tends to vanish and reappear, especially the closer you get.

Later, I went on a ride along with J.R. Penn, and this time I was the guide. J.R. had family in town from Georgia and Arkansas who were curious about this crazy Ozarks Spooklight they had heard about.

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