Make a stabilizing outrigger at home

While sitting at the window reading Backwoodsman magazine and glancing up watching the blustery wind kick up the snow in piles and sticking it to the sides of trees, I wished for spring.

I then read that there was a need for an article about outriggers made of non-conventional materials. While researching the “outrigger” I was told by my buddies that outriggers were used on ocean fishing boats. top photo

After researching even more, the Amazon people and the Hawaiians use outriggers on their boats for stability… so I thought how nice it would be to be able to stand up in my small John boat and fly fish or shoot my bow.

As I pondered the material issue, I thought of all the materials I had on hand that would float.

I thought of small basketballs in the grandchildren’s toy box, but how to attach them and suspend them out far enough to give the proper leverage. My mind wandered to scrap materials I had around the house, since I am really “cheap.”

Why not use the two lengths of PVC pipe that my wife had threatened to pitch a few years back? Yeah, why not! I would have to plug the ends to make them waterproof but that would entail purchasing two expensive PVC end caps.

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