Chris’ Place has exceptional food

As most of you know, when I got married in May, we spent our honeymoon traveling around Missouri.

I’ve shared a few stories about our adventures — like almost dying in the river, running over the amish in the middle of the night, and catching more fish than my husband.

Today, however, I will be educating you all on a restaurant that was unlike any restaurant I’ve ever been to. chriss-place-picture

Have you ever heard of Chris’ Place in Licking, Mo.? Neither had we! Joseph and I had just left the Licking Museum looking for something to eat for lunch when we stumbled across this place.

It wasn’t quite noon yet when we arrived, and we weren’t real sure if it was open or not, but it was. In fact we were the only ones there for awhile until the lunch rush came in.

Chris’ Place is a very unique restaurant. Every room has a different theme. The room we were in had a western theme to it. It was super cool, and had a totally different feel to it. We only saw a few of the rooms, but one had a very classy theme and another had a modern theme.

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