Longtime reader asks for website clarification

To the Editor,

Mr. Sexton, you and your team have taken the “River Hills Traveler” to a new and exciting and very informative level. My compliments.

I read every word from every article and even the advertisements. The magazine lives up to its title, as it lets me travel throughout the Ozarks in the comfort of my lawnchair under my big Red Oak tree.

I enjoy the wide ranges of topics that are featured in the “River Hills Traveler” but my main interest is in the fishing articles, historical and culture information of the Ozarks and the people of the Ozarks.

I appreciate the calendar of events, it gives me the opportunity to make informed decisions on how and where to spend relaxation time.

I have been receiving the “River Hills Traveler” since Bob Todd was the publisher and I know it is in good hands today. I look forward for the magazine to come every month.

I do have one item that I hope you can help me with and that is your website. I have visited it several times and I get sort of frustrated. The website contains excellent information but I cannot log on as a subscriber.

Can you help? Please let me know what I am doing wrong.
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Keep up the excellent work.

Bill Wakefield,

St. Louis

Editor’s note: First of all, thank you very much for your letter, Bill. I really enjoy hearing from our readers and I want you to know how much that means to me. 

You are doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG trying to log in to our website. Like you, I was very frustrated with our website and the company I hired to revamp and simplify the site wasn’t doing a good job. 

So I fired them and hired my own guy who now works in our office, about 30 feet from my desk, and we communicate daily about our site and the additions we want to make. You were unable to log in because we were transitioning to a new website provider.

Our website is now up and running and features many stories for the general public, while subscribers to our monthly print edition of the Traveler can call us and get a log-in and password in order to receive full access to the site which includes many more stories, photos and features not found in our print edition.

In addition, our TravTalk newsletter is published every Tuesday and contains links to stories on our site as well as other sites that might be of interest to Missourians (or at least anyone who loves the great Missouri outdoors).

Thanks again, Bill, for reaching out to us and I hope you continue enjoying the Traveler. If you’re not already signed up to receive our TravTalk email newsletter, you can do so by visiting our website (riverhillstraveler.com) or Facebook page.

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