Living life a little more well-rounded

I spent my formative years under pine trees and wading in creeks. Big Piney, Missouri, wasn’t known for shopping malls or swimming pool complexes. My goodness, pavement was a bit of a novelty!

Adulthood has been a bit of a rude awakening. The fast, loud, and paved life I live often can be described as box-shaped. I bet I am not alone. BSC2016c

Boxes dominate my life. I stare at them for entertainment, socialization, knowledge, and more. The streets of towns and cities I find myself in follow box-like patterns, block after block. Even my vehicle and my home are both a bit “boxy” in shape!

When my daughter came along, she only drove home what I already knew. I was living life too “boxed in” and I certainly didn’t want that for her.

I could have sold all our belongings and gone off the grid for a simpler life, but I actually love my career and where I live. Teaching broadcast and photography at Washington High School has been such a blessing in my life. A simpler approach was in order.

I looked at one of those boxes that dominate my life and searched for a creek on public land that looked shallow, clear, and cold. Maps online often have photos associated with them. I wanted one that reminded me of Paddy Creek or the Big or Little Piney. Also, it had to be within an hour or less from my house in Union.

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