Live the life you want to live; don’t put things off

One of the things that I love about writing for this publication is the freedom I am given. 

I get to choose my own topics and the word count. With that said, it is my sincere hope that I do not upset anyone with my first article for the River Hills Traveler in 2020. 

I will not be suggesting any parks or sites, nor will I pay homage to this beautiful region we live in. 

Instead, I am going to introduce you to someone who has been a huge part of the articles written by me. Someone who has been “behind the scenes” for far too long — my mother.

From the smells in the air to the beautiful colors found around every corner, fall is typically my favorite season. 

However, this fall, I honestly struggled to take notice. It was difficult for me to find my usual joy in the changing of the seasons because I knew that the time I had left with my mom was slipping through my hands. 

Cancer was stealing her from me. 

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