Light poles & tiny reels make long poling a blast

Last week I was in one of the large sporting goods stores in Springfield and got into a conversation with a couple of other customers and a store employee.

The topic was summertime crappie fishing. I was very surprised to learn how many anglers travel throughout the Midwest to find good fishing.

I came straight home to write this article for those guys and for you, as well.

Mike Roux knows the success hot weather crappie fishing brings in August at Truman Lake.

I am not a big fish eater and never really have been. That is slowly starting to change. With my increasing drive to eat fish, certain species taste better than others.

Now do not get me wrong, I never did hate fish it was just not on my “top ten” list. Last year crappie made it onto that list.

I have known all my life how much friends and family love to eat crappie. I have given away literally thousands of these fish over the years. Now I make sure I get a mess of crappie for Nancy and me as often as possible.

My best crappie trip last year was in the midst of the heat wave we had last summer. I traveled to Truman Lake in west-central Missouri. My trip was accidentally timed to absolute perfection.

I arrived on a Wednesday evening with a plan to fish for crappie on Thursday morning with Truman Lake’s top guide, Jeff Faulkenberry. Jeff works at Bucksaw Marina.

Under its new owner, Jim Moritz, and manager Richard Bowling, this full-size resort and marina is the only place to use when you come to Truman Lake.

I stay at resorts across the country in my travels as an outdoor writer. None even comes close to the outstanding service and accommodations at Bucksaw. The features I really appreciate most are the rooms you can reserve right off the dock. You can literally step right out of your room and into the boat. It is amazingly convenient.

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Richard was scheduled to fish in the crappie tournament. He needed to do some pre-fishing for the contest and asked if he could come along with Jeff and me.

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