Letter to the editor

Dear Traveler, 

I have been a subscriber to Traveler since 1974. I look forward to receiving it every month. 

In a recent Traveler, it was stated that the gar fish is not edible. If prepared correctly, it is delicious. My family has been eating them for several years. 

We boil small pieces of it in saltwater and dip it in melted butter. It is boneless white meat with a chewy consistency, just like lobster. We call it the poor man’s lobster. 

The problem is catching them and cleaning them. I lost three lures trying to catch one in the creek on my farm. 

My grandson finally caught one and I told him to be careful when trying to remove the lure because they have teeth. 

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I recommend heavy gloves. We filet out the meat, cut it into small pieces and then boil it. And then enjoy. 

I have floated and fished most of the streams south of I-44 in our state. 

We are truly blessed to live in a very beautiful part of our country with the best float streams. 

C.C. Carson, 

Perryville, Mo.

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