Let’s get crackin’ on those springtime chores

If you have ever read any of my articles in this publication, I am sure that you are aware of my fondness for trout fishing.  

As much as I’d like to be fishing every day, I realize that is an impossible dream.  

However, I do have many other interests besides fishing to occupy my time and one of those interests (it happens to be second to fishing) is gardening.

Bill Oder

In other words, I like to play in the dirt. My wife and I are both retired and one thing we have learned is that when a person does retire, that person needs more than one hobby. 

We have been retired for 13 years now and I can honestly say that I haven’t been bored or found myself without anything to do yet.  

You don’t ever want to find yourself retiring and after a few months find that you are bored to death and thinking that maybe you should go back to work. That is not a good thing.

So the first of March is not only a red letter day for me because of the opening of trout season, it is also a good time to be thinking about what has been going on out in the yard for the past winter.  

I have already noticed that some of the stores have already had their seed packets, both flower seeds and vegetable seeds, for sale since the latter part of February.  

And now the larger stores have really started to get everything out in their gardening departments. All the garden centers have really started to buzz.

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