Learning what ‘too close to the river’ means

In the late 1950’s my parents and grandparents purchased a place we were soon to call home.

Together they wanted to do some farming and have some milk cows.

On this place was one house, a concrete block dairy barn, and a hay barn. Our grandparents lived in the house because they were old. (When you are a kid, all grandparents are old, right?)

We got the dairy barn. Dad was going to turn it into a home for us. There had been running water to the barn at one time, so after some new plumbing Dad got water to the building.

He built a makeshift cabinet and acquired an old sink. Now we had water.

The grandparents were tired of us using their bathroom, so we dug a deep hole and built an outhouse; a “two-holer.” I still don’t understand two holes. I sure wouldn’t want to share.

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