July means that it’s time to bring out the bow

Well, it is summertime and most everyone’s main concerns are fishing, camping, floating, boating, BBQing and relaxing.

Bow hunters, we’re forgetting one thing — practice shooting the bow. It’s July and the reality is bow season is about 10 weeks away. loepker photo

Summertime tends to lean toward the busy side for most of our lives and we don’t have time to be target practicing like we will hardcore come September 1st.

Make a plan this summer to get the bow off the top shelf and target shoot at least one to two times a week, just ten to fifteen minutes each time. Those who aren’t pros yet like me, this will amplify your muscle build up and get you in the shape you need to be in.

I find that when I get serious about practicing September 1st, I’ll shoot for 30-45 minutes and my arm will be so sore that I won’t practice again for days. This is completely ineffective when September 5th rolls around and I want to be dead on in 10 days.

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