Jim Bridger, the original mountain man, is buried in Independence

I’ve been checking a lot of things off my bucket list lately. I was recently in Kansas City for business and knew I would be staying for a couple days.

While there I was able to visit a site that I’ve been wanting to see for many years but never had a convenient opportunity to do so. 

There is an old cemetery east of Kansas City, in Independence, called Mount Washington Forever Cemetery. A large granite memorial on its own island in a peaceful spot in this cemetery marks the grave of one of the greatest scouts, guides, fur trappers, campers, hikers and all around mountain men of all time — Jim Bridger.

Born in 1804, Jim saw more of the American West walking or on horseback than most of us will ever begin to explore. His life and adventures are legendary.

The more you learn about Jim Bridger, and the things he accomplished back in his day, the more respect you will have for him. He made quite a name for himself and it’s easy to understand why a great many of the the landmarks in a vast part of the Western United States bear his name.

Fort Bridger, Wyo., Bridger National Forest, Bridger Pass, and the Bridger Mountains are just a few of the places named after him.

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