Jack’s Fork River in less than 12 hours

Why? That is the question I get from most of my friends. After kayaking all the Current River (in Missouri) a few years ago in 3 days, and all of Eleven

Point River (in Missouri) in one day last year, I decided the Jack’s Fork was next on my hit list.  

I did not intend on doing it in one day, but I was solo, and it just happened.  

Had I known I was going to do it in one day, I would not have packed two days’ worth of gear and food and I sure would have

taken my Wilderness Systems Pungo Classic versus my Native Manta Ray kayak.

The Manta Ray is my long-hauler and the Pungo is my speedster. I still got out and checked out Jam Up Cave and Blue Springs.  

I even pulled over for lunch at Rymer Spring. I guess at some point it was just a challenge of

doing it all in one day.  

When I go to tackle a long trip like that, I always let my friends know and try to get company, but with everyone being so busy it is often difficult to

get commitments.  

I generally just plan two or three dates and go with the

best weather. Spring is the best time to hit the upper parts of rivers like the Eleven Point and Jack’s Fork, but unfortunately, the weather is often very unpredictable.  

When I decided to go for the April 10th date, the weather looked pretty good. It ended up being in the 50’s, VERY windy and three short rain showers.  

Not necessarily the ideal weather for a kayak

trip. But I have the right gear, so it was not that big of an issue.  

And the best part of doing a trip like that on an “iffy” weather day is, you do not see many people. I think I ran across two small groups the entire 44.6


I put in at the Prongs and took out at Two Rivers. The water level was 2.5′ at Mountain View, 3.2′ at Alley Spring and 3.6′ at Eminence.  
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In my opinion, that was the ideal water level, not too fast and not too low (especially for the upper part by the Prongs).  

I put in at 7:05 a.m. that morning and pulled out at Two Rivers at 6:55 p.m. the same day.  

I will say that I thought my mission would have to be aborted at Eminence, but luckily, I was able to plow through it.  

As I was kayaking

through Eminence there were some campers and a cute little girl asked if I could get her ball downriver.  

I really figured there would be no chance I would even see it, but as I got about a quarter of a mile downriver, sure enough, there it was.  

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