If your life is in imminent danger…

I am now, officially, almost a conceal carry permit holder. I say almost because I haven’t gotten the card that says I can start carrying yet.

My fiancé, Joey, and I just took the conceal carry class at Missouri Southern State University and had the opportunity to also use the simulator machine. Our training was on Jan. 16 from 8 a.m. to 4:30. IMG_2813 copy

On any other day I’d be able to handle a class that long like a champ, but I was just in St. Louis the day before getting Zumba certified and I was so sore and tired from driving. But nonetheless, I passed the test.

The first part of the day was all book work and getting to know the law. I learned about several things I knew nothing about and I also learned just how many “tests” and checks you have to pass to be able to become a conceal carry holder.

Our instructor for the first part of the day, Delmar, made sure to tell us that if we were going to commit a crime, we would spend half of our day learning about the law. So I’m assuming all of us in the class were good guys!

There were around 13 others participating in the class and after the first part of the training we were divided up into two groups: one going to take our actual shooting test, and the other group learning how to clean and handle a gun then do the simulator.

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