Ideas to keep RV, belongings safe while on the river

Surrounding yourself with the great outdoors is simply refreshing. 

I know after the past three years I have experienced, the moments when I can unplug and experience all nature has to offer have been incredibly restorative. 

Hiking, camping, kayaking, and other outdoor activities allows people to indulge the senses with experiences that are great escapes from the daily demands of a “digital age.” 

Unfortunately, getting away from the anxieties of the daily grind by enjoying the great outdoors does have some mild drawbacks. One of which is the true risk of being robbed. 

Leaving a campsite or vehicle unattended for the day while enjoying a hike or float trip is normal, but there are precautions that can help folks avoid some messy situations.

One way to help keep valuables safe is to always be aware of your surroundings. If it is possible, kindly connect with fellow campers who may be willing to keep an eye on your campsite and belongings while you hit the trail or river. 

However, make sure you return the favor and do the same for them.

Thieves also like to examine parking lots for potential victims. Lock your vehicle at all times and do not place valuables where they are in plain sight. 

Just because you don’t want to carry your camera gear on the trail, that doesn’t mean you need to leave it in the passenger seat where anyone can see it. 

Remember that those who steal often know how to enter locked vehicles, so don’t display anything that will tempt them to jerry-rig a lock or bust open your window. 

Expensive electronics do tempt thieves, but a campground host once told me that the most stolen items from campsites were expensive clothing casually left outside and high-dollar name brand coolers. 

Nothing against Yeti and Patagonia, but leaving such items out in the open while you are out exploring a new hiking trail or having a picnic near a creek is simply a bad idea. 

As always, the best way to protect valuable items is to carry them in a backpack or a money belt that you take wherever you go. 
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Remember that when using the privy or visiting the shower house, make sure you keep it in your line of vision at all times.

The best time for a thief to act is when you are not paying attention, so don’t give them the opportunity.

Yes, there are some other targets that are way too big to carry with you. Items like RV batteries, generators, and bikes tempt thieves, too! 

Consider investing in a locking cable. They work a lot like how a bike lock works, but these are way more challenging for a thief. 

Use the locking cable to secure your items to an RV, a tree, a fence, or another stationary object that is secure. Just make sure you don’t lose the key! 

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