‘I am water’

I am water.

I am old and I am tired, and I have been here for many years.

I have watched the seasons come and seasons go. Life and death plays out around me, and I am unscathed and notice little.

Temporary I am not.

For my beginning, you can only wonder.

As the Spirit of God moved upon my face I witnessed creation.

Only darkness was upon me.

I watched as light became day and darkness became light.

I was divided and the space between became the Heavens.

Before the land it was only I.

I blanket the earth and I even flow through your veins. I carry vitamins within your body. Without me you will die in days.

I give life and take life.

You take me for granted while you drink me.

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While swimming you forget that without me, you could not.

While cooking you forget that without me, you could not.

I give rest, I give comfort and I even give you my stones when the enemy comes knocking.

I purify, I cleanse. I wash away, I make clean.

I deliver, I break chains. I tear down walls, I tear down strongholds.

You forget. Oh, how you forget.

It was me that John the baptized walked into. Oh, how you forget.

I was In the well of Bē’er when the Israelites sang the song, “Spring up, O well; sing ye unto it:”

It was me then, and it is me now.

Oh, how you forget.

I am water.

(Richard Whiteside lives in Doniphan, Mo., and can be reached at rlwhiteside72@gmail.com. His blog can be followed at https://www.ozarkriverman.wordpress.com.)

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