How to turkey hunt with decoys

If you were to go through the modern-day turkey hunter’s vest, one thing you will often find is decoys.

The technology of turkey decoys this past few years has created an edge when it comes to trying to harvest a mature gobbler. This is why decoys are arguably a must-have in a turkey hunters arsenal.

For those of you who have never used decoys while turkey hunting, there are a few things I would like to share to help you be more successful. As well as share a couple tips and tricks for those of you who have used them before.

First, why do we use decoys? A wild turkey has some of the best eyesight that you find in the wild. It is their biggest defense to stay safe from predators. The slightest movement from you can cause a turkey to become alarmed and most often make them leave the area quickly.

When putting decoys out in front of you while trying to call them into gun range, it creates an attention seeker for the birds to see, which keeps their focus from you. In turn, it allows you to get by with any movement that you have to make while turkeys are within sight.

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