How do you lure an Ozark deer into a wooden trap?

If you ever wondered how you trap deer and transport deer, this article might help.

I was born in Springfield, Mo., on Jan. 18, 1943, and my early memories were of the Drury Game Refuge near Branson in the late 1940s. Then to the Sam A. Baker Game Refuge in the early 1950s, and finally the Big Spring Game Refuge near Van Buren. photo

I had the good fortune of being raised by my grandfather, Otto Bower. Otto Bower was a game warden with the Missouri Conservation Commission in the early 1920s through the late 1950s. Many game conservation ideas and management programs were implemented during those years. Folks today enjoy the fruits of those programs.

The program that heads the list of good game management was deer trapping. The deer trapping program was designed to trap the deer in the southern Ozark mountains and then release them in Northern Missouri.

I have heard tales in recent years of large bucks taken in North Missouri. I guess those acorn-fed Ozark deer really took to the grain crops of North Missouri.

Trapping deer begins with building a good trap. My dimensions may be off a little but I think you will get the idea. The trap is built approximately 10 feet long, 5 feet wide and 5 feet tall. There are head frames at each end to hold the large doors. The tops of the head frames are about 10 feet.

When the trap is not set, the doors are held up by simply inserting a large spike nail in a hole thru the head frame to hold the door. What you have now is basically a large, rectangular box with head frames. The trap is built with sturdy 1×8 oak boards with a one inch gap between the boards. Next the trigger.

The trigger is simple yet, like a lot of things, it is only simple when you know how it works. First you need to attach strong braided wire to a eye bolt on the top of the door. You then string the wire over the top of the head frame and down the side of the trap to the trigger.

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